North Ridge Condominiums


North Ridge Condominiums Owners Association

North Ridge Condominiums are townhouse style condominiums located off Spring Forest Rd in North Raleigh.



During January 6-9, our North Ridge Condominiums community will likely experience severely cold temperatures.

To avoid freeze damage to your plumbing and avoid repair costs, be sure to do the following: 


     * Close all crawlspace doors securely

     * Disconnect hoses from spigots & drain hoses

     * Wrap spigots with insulation

INSIDE Your Home

If the temperature is going to drop well below freezing, do this:

     * Open the cabinet doors under your sinks and lavatories.

     * Allow one or two of your faucets to just BARELY TRICKLE.

     * Turn up the heat a degree or two during the coldest part of

         the day and night.


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